Area code(s) for MILWAUKEE-WI (Wisconsin)

To call MILWAUKEE-WI in Wisconsin, just dial the folowing codes:

1 +  920+ [phone number]

To find any US area code, just fill in the country and city fields in the area code tool below:

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    How to use this area code finder

    This area code search tool permits you to find the dialling code for a landline number or cellphone number by typing a location. Here you can lookup the usa phone code for any place (state, county or city) just typing a city name, then selecting the place from the list. See below a example on how to use this US area code finder.

    Supose you want to find which is the area code of MILWAUKEE in Wisconsin-WI. You just need to type slowly the first digits of the city name. A list of cities will be displayed as you type. When you see the desired city, stop typing, then click on the city name. After a short time, the area code lookup box will show all information you need. If you are in US, Canada or any other NAMP member, this area code lookup app will show:

    1 + 920 + [phone number]


    • 1 is the Trunk Prefix Code for direct-dialed long-distance, within US, Canada and some other countries.
    • 920 is the area code for MILWAUKEE in Wisconsin-WI
    • [phone number], replace it with the phone number you want to dial to.

    If you are calling from another country (for example Brazil), the area code finder will show something like:

    0021 + 920 + [phone number]

    Where 0021 is the International Exit Code to call any country from Brazil.

    Finally, the final 4 digits of the phone number are known as the Subscriber or Local Number.

    Sample area lookups